I am pleased to report another successful year for the Pacy and Wheatley Group, with all divisions performing beyond our expectations. Group revenues increased 43.5% to £15,256,058. This significant increase in revenue has been driven principally by our continued focus on our core Framework partnerships with Yorbuild, Re: allies and Barchester Healthcare; naturally creating increased repeat and successful tender negotiations. The strengthening of our balance sheet, +1.2M, coupled with significant cash fluidity, 1.6M (Cash-In-Hand) allows for new partnership confidence when considering any cash flow and subsequent project risk. I am certain that this element alone is affording us more opportunities to tender for larger projects.

The group’s EBITDA has increased 12.9% to £805,965

The incredible results achieved throughout 2017 would not have been possible without the enormous and continued efforts of our growing team, as well as the significant loyalty and improvements within our supply chain.

2018 Forecasts, Challenges and our 50th year

Having started 2018 with a record, and very strong, forward order book, I feel reassured that the construction industry remains buoyant, which I expect to continue for the foreseeable future.

A significant challenge for the senior team will be placing additional focus on the continuing operational, buying and management efficiencies and overall profitability improvements. This, coupled with our enhanced focus on training, recruitment and overall human resources, will directly reflect in improved EBITDA/revenue ratio.

Our 50th Year Anniversary celebrations continue throughout the year. We have carefully invested in new, exciting marketing, communications and event projects that recognise and celebrate ongoing partnerships. We expect this activity to expose the Pacy & Wheatley brand to a broader audience within the construction industry. As part of our communications strategy, we feel certain that our enhanced brand awareness campaigns will create new and existing legacy enquiries and partnerships.

All the senior team understand that to enjoy continued organic business growth, we must continue to develop, innovate and deliver projects more efficiently and profitably. Naturally this is only possible with the continued commitment, loyalty and investment from our team and our amazing supply chain. This represents a significant challenge for 2018 and beyond.

Finally, I would like to personally thank Anthony and Craig Wheatley, my two sons. Between them, they have taken over the operational reigns for the Pacy & Wheatley Group. Over the last few years, Anthony and Craig have faced enormous business growth challenges and over the same period recruited and developed a significantly skilled and experienced senior team that I feel very proud of.

Both Anthony and Craig recognise that our continued success can only be attributed to an enormous team effort and join me in saying, thank you.

Dave Wheatley
Chairman | Pacy and Wheatley | Modern Methods of Construction.

Pacy and Wheatley Core Values

Core Values

At the heart of any progressive business lies the team, we are proud to have over 100 years of expert construction management ability within our senior team. Pacy and Wheatley construction are at the forefront of their industry using, wherever appropriate, the most modern methods of construction available to achieve today’s environmental and material construction challenges. At our core lie our founding business principles and values, through these we measure our abilities and success through the retention of all existing clients, coupled with sustainable growth of new business.

Continued business success has been at the core of Pacy and Wheatley since the 1968. Our succinct focus ensures we engage with all our customers at a professional and personal level. Our proven and innovative approach to all our construction projects allows and delivers extraordinary competitiveness.

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