The challenge for any business during 2012 and 3-4 years prior has certainly has stretched the abilities of most boards. Sadly a significant number of our contemporaries have not weathered the financial storm and have fallen by the wayside. Polarisation of construction companies has happened; the strong have survived not because of their balance sheet but because of the quality of their historical work coupled with relationships forged over the years with repetitive business. I founded the business in the 60's with simple values that would engender repeat business. Today I am proud that Pacy and Wheatley is still a family owned and managed business that has real personal interests in continuing to provide exceptional construction projects to their clients, old and new.

Green Shoots for 2013, positively the ‘construction wheels’ are once again starting to turn, and several new customers ‘Costa Coffee and KFC have joined our list of very valued clients; we look forward to more projects during 2014 and beyond. Today Anthony Wheatley | Group Managing Director, now has the reigns; he joins me in continuing to give a personal service with an exceptional level of corporate ability. Both Anthony and I would like to thank our customers both old and new for their trust and support, as well as the team at Pacy and Wheatley for their tremendous efforts over the last 12 months continuing to deliver exceptional project skill and value to each and every customer.

Dave Wheatley
Chairman | Pacy and Wheatley | Modern Methods of Construction.

Pacy and Wheatley Core Values

Core Values

At the heart of any progressive business lies the team, we are proud to have over 100 years of expert construction management ability within our senior team. Pacy and Wheatley construction are at the forefront of their industry using, wherever appropriate, the most modern methods of construction available to achieve today’s environmental and material construction challenges. At our core lie our founding business principles and values, through these we measure our abilities and success through the retention of all existing clients, coupled with sustainable growth of new business.

Continued business success has been at the core of Pacy and Wheatley since the 1968. Our succinct focus ensures we engage with all our customers at a professional and personal level. Our proven and innovative approach to all our construction projects allows and delivers extraordinary competitiveness.

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