Charity Build for The Island

As part on our continued works with YORBuild, Pacy and Wheatley Construction were given the opportunity to give back to the community, through assisted financing from the frameworks 4 Good Fund scheme, whilst carrying out an ongoing project in York, St John's Mews. The YORBuild framework covers local work for local Contractor's, across the Yorkshire and Humber regions, and is recognised for its social and economic regeneration, as one of the most efficient performing, against national standards.

In sourcing a suitable beneficiary, we came across a local charity, The Island. The voluntary organisation strives to mentor and assist children and young adults in enhancing their quality of life. After discussing a potential donation, it was agreed that a cycle shelter would be a beneficial addition to their service, for both the Mentor's and the children to encourage cycling as a recreational activity. Many of the Volunteers, since the installation of the shelter in April 2019, have begun commuting to the centre by bike, and our gift has ensured a safe area for storage and in turn, reduced the number of motorised vehicles utilised in the city.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner YORBuild for supporting this give back contribution and their continued support in our works. We hope the cycle shelter brings many years of valuable usage for The Island and wish them continued success for the future in the brilliant service they are providing. 

Take a look at our Community page to read more about what else we do to give back.

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