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  • Client:
    SYHA and Homes England
  • Sector:
    Residential/Social Housing
  • Type:
    Residential Development
  • Procurement Method:
  • Location:
    Grassmoor, Chesterfield
  • Project Value:
    C £1,830,000.00

Project Description

Pacy & Wheatley Construction have been appointed to complete a new build residential development in Grassmoor, Chesterfield. This newly awarded project shall be carried out on a design and build basis, providing 11 timber frame houses upon an area of farmland, including varying elevational treatments to meet the detailed planning requirements. The works shall include all new links to the existing main road(s) (in accordance with section 38 and 278 of the Highway Adoption Procedures), along with all new sewers, drainage systems and external works to suit the dwellings proposed and approved planning conditions.

The Challenge

The project is located on an evident slope and is open to exposure from the elements. This could cause issues in severe weather, such as strong winds during the construction process, potentially delaying the project.

The ground conditions also present a challenge. The area was previously used for coal/drift mining, and will require grouting to stabilise the ground for the imposed weight that will be placed on the land.

Due to the location and provision of a new estate road, we will need to work in strict accordance with local statutory and highways authority legislation.