Ambulance Station Refurbishments

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service covers around 6,000 square miles, employing over 5,000 staff to provide the 5-million people of Yorkshire 24-hour emergency healthcare services. Operational efficiency is vital to the work done at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. At Pacy & Wheatley Construction, we are using our wide range of Healthcare Construction experience to refurbish several Ambulance Stations for our repeat client, Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

We are currently completing projects for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service in Whitby and Harrogate. Both refurbishments are taking place on small, busy live sites operating 24/7. Close cooperation and communication with staff is essential to ensure our refurbishment works do not affect the vital, life-saving public service provided by the YAS. Timing and planning deliveries and works to specific areas of each Station is vital to the success of the refurbishments, ensuring the 24/7 services remain unaffected.

The project at the Whitby Ambulance Station involves constructing a single storey extension to the existing Station. We are also re-siting and fitting additional accommodation and storage for the Ambulance Station in Whitby. A detailed renovation and re-finishing is to be carried out across the entire station. Read more about the refurbishment in Whitby.

Works at the Ambulance Station in Harrogate involve renovations across the entire Station. A number of new interior elements are to be installed, including decorating, floor coverings, and electrical and lighting works. New paving and white lining spaces will also be installed in the external area of the site. Find out more about the Ambulance Station Refurbishment in Harrogate.

Ensuring services at both Stations remain live and unimpeded 24/7 throughout our refurbishment projects is a challenging, vital element to these projects, which we overcome with close liaison with the client, as well as the staff at each Station. Find out more about some of our other Live Projects.

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