New Healthcare Conversion, York

From care home construction to healthcare conversions, Pacy & Wheatley are proud to be involved with this fantastic complete conversion, extension and renovation project located in a heavily populated area of York. The project involves converting an existing nursing home into 29 new residential units. York itself is a historical city, so there may be archaeological and geological factors and implications in connection to the works.

The works involve demolishing a section of the existing building, and providing a further extension of a three-storey timber frame nature. We are carrying out a wide range of alterations and refurbishments to the existing structure to suit the new proposed layout of the properties.

Our team will be removing the existing roof and installing a third level to the building, before reinstalling an entirely new roof and coverings. This process poses its own challenge, as our team will have to ensure the building remains watertight to avoid damage and/or delays to the project. We will also complete external works, including a new car parking and soft landscape area.

As construction is taking place in a heavily populated area of York, access and deliveries to the site will be limited. As always, we will be giving consideration to local residents throughout the project, ensuring that any disruption caused by our works is kept to the bare minimum. The site is restricted by one-way systems and local resident parking, so precise coordination of deliveries is necessary. There may also be archaeological and geological factors our team will need to take into account, because of York's history.

We are proud to be a part of this fantastic conversion and renovation project within the historic city of York. Although there may be some factors which add to the project's complexity, our team are doing everything possible to ensure a smooth construction process. Read more about the project on our Live Projects page. 

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