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Over 50 years experience

Pacy and Wheatley have over 50 years of experience as design and build contractors, providing the complete service. Since 1968 our specialist design and build team have a common purpose, coupled with an open innovative culture, with benefits far beyond traditional procurement.

Design and build projects offer significantly improved quality and reduction in costs, environmental impact and defects at handover. Some of our schemes include care homes, steel framed cladded commercial warehouses and residential apartment blocks. Through our increasing use of off-site and standardisation in our mainstream activities, we assess a design and build project and provide the optimum construction solution based on project specific drivers. This delivers cost, time, quality and environmental improvements.

Off-site construction projects provides many benefits for you and your clients:

  • Improved quality and reduction in defects at handover.
  • Better process control due to standardisation.
  • Lower whole life cost.
  • Project delivery certainty and improved conformity.
  • Improved site safety, contributing to the Egan target.
  • Reduced waste and potentially lower embodied energy than site based construction.
  • Knowledge management and a sharing culture amongst the supply chain and partner organisations.
  • Access to the best independent advice from our partners "Mtech Consult", on new and existing Offsite techniques to keep ahead of the curve.

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